bored bored BORED!

July 14th, 2010 by katie

Today I am bored. bored bored bored. So my plans for today will be very un-boring stuff. Here we go!

My Schedule

1. From now to 8:35AM I will write this post

2.From 8:35 to 8:40 I will eat some breakfast

3. From 8:40 to 9:40 I will make a bunch of pinwheels for my aunt’s birthday. (she’s coming to our house all the way from california wow!)

4.  From 9:40 to 10:40 I will ask my dad (and hopefully he says yes) to swim at our pool. (yes, we have a pool in our backyard!)

5. From 10:40 to 10:45 I will get some sort of snack to eat and see what ryan is doing (probably playing with yugioh cards)

6. From 10 :45 to to 1:45 PM is freebee time so I can do whatever i need to do

7. From 1:45 PM to 1:50 i will play games on my iPod t-o-u-c-h!

8. From 1:50 to 4:00 I will fiddle on Scratch™ and publisher and update my website 

9. From 4:00 4:30  I will eat a snack of shrimp crackers with dad and ryan and mom

10. From 4:30 to 8:00 is freebee time

11. For the rest of time I will watch TV and play ball.


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